Waste Disposal Solution

As development continues to grow, population also increases and lifestyles adjust to the trend of development and if this change continues, abuse of our natural resources in turn also increases. And reality remains, for every natural resource that is being use to produce something will eventually end up as waste. Therefore, waste generation will continue to increase and all we can do is to find efficient and eco-friendly solution for waste disposal.

Today, if we are not going to do something about this problem, more and more volume of wastes is produce and lucky, if 100% collected ends up in a proper waste management system. Sadly not a quarter percent is being disposed properly. The rest skip hire bishops stortford usually ends up on drainages, rivers, oceans and dumpsites or landfills thus causing environmental pollution.

With these alarming issues many have exerted effort to come up with strategies to mitigate further environmental complications brought about by improper waste disposal. Landfills and incineration have been considered however both only contributed to ecological issues such as global warming. It is for a fact that landfill system causes health and environmental hazards like leachate issues while with incineration there is the increase of greenhouse gases in earth's atmosphere. On the other hand, the recycling industry has succeeded in helping minimize the generation of wastes. But if we are going to scrutinize it, still, recycling is not enough to resolve the issues on solid wastes since some materials are not viable for recycling.

The good thing, with today's technologies there are now revolutionary ways of waste management.

Identified as one of the most cost effective and most efficient way of managing solid wastes without harming the environment is the Biosphere Technology or Biosphere Process System, a waste to energy technology invented and developed by Dr. Chris McCormack - the CEO and Chairman of GEECF.

Biosphere Technology is so far the most efficient and ecological way of waste disposal. Aside from the fact that it cal efficiently destroy waste in environmental manner, this technology can even convert the waste materials into marketable end products such as carbon black, high alloy steel wire, inert ash and green energy or electricity. Biosphere technology uses gasification process which what made it different to incineration. Gasification process is also defined as a thermal decomposition of waste materials at elevated temperature and oxygen starved environment. Its process is in full compliance with all European and US atmospheric emissions standards including the latest US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations.

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